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Lake 3D Visualization Content Map

Draft November 10, 2011

Lake3D Viz Content Map articulates content main messages for the informal science education on freshwater water ecosystems and their stewardship. The users of the content map are developers and practitioners who create learning materials for visitors and the public. The ideas articulated in the map drives all the educational products including (but not limited to) the visualizations, tabletops, media and websites.

The top level of the map has 3 overarching key big ideas about fresh water ecosystems and their stewardship. All educational products engage the visitors and the public in these main messages.

Each of the big ideas is linked to a set of learning objectives that the educational products will address. The learning objectives simplify the ideas into various pathways that will result in conveying the message to the visitor.

In order to develop the educational product such as visualization or a table-top activity, the learning objectives are further expanded into a detailed list of categorized topics, similar to the index in a textbook. Each topic may be addressed in more than one educational product. For example, earthquakes and faulting are topics that are closely linked to the formation of lakes and the dynamics of its change. These topics can be address through the 3D visualization as well as through table-top interactives.

Big Ideas:

Idea 1: Water connects to water, land, air and life

Idea 2: Freshwater ecosystems are dynamic, complex and are constantly changing

Idea 3: Humans study, manage and impact freshwater ecosystems on local as well global scale Continue reading Lake 3D Visualization Content Map