3D Sneak Peek at ECHO

Over two days of formative evaluation, more than 300 guests at ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center previewed a new 3D guided tour of  the Lake Champlain Basin. Nina Ridhibhinyo, ECHO’s group  programs manager, guided these eager participants through space and time as part of a 25-minute 3D presentation on the history of dam development and flooding on the Winooski River. They explored Vermont’s wetlands and flood zones, delved into the historic floods of 1927 and 2011, and visited mills, hydroelectric, and flood control dams throughout Vermont.

Nina Ridhibhinyo narrates  a 3D guided tour of the Lake Champlain Basin.  (Photo courtesy of Audience Viewpoints Consulting.)

Nina Ridhibhinyo leads a 3D tour of the Lake Champlain Basin.                                                    (Photo courtesy of Audience Viewpoints Consulting.)

This 3D visualization tool provides a powerful way for our visitors to explore the geography of the Lake Champlain Basin as part of an immersive 3D experience. By layering aerial imagery and geographic data on top of a digital model, ECHO guests can now soar over the mountains, above the streams, and through the valleys of the Basin.

 “As a small lake aquarium and science center in a watershed that serves a total population of only 600,000 people, ECHO could not have imagined using 3D technology to develop awareness and stewardship of freshwater ecosystems programming without the support of the LakeViz3D project, a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant,” said Julie Silverman, ECHO’s director of new. With NSF’s on-going support, ECHO plans to roll out new 3D public and school programs this fall and winter

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