Global Lake Warming Trends

Did you dive into a lake this summer expecting teeth-chattering cold water, and instead found it surprisingly warm?  Scientists are finding that the world’s largest lakes are getting warmer.  While this might seem nice for summer lake swimming, lake warming has much more severe consequences for water quality and lake ecosystems.

A recent article in the National Geographic column “Water Currents” describes research being conducted on global trends in lake temperatures. Scientists studying lakes from around the world, including Lake Tahoe, are finding that over the past 25 years lake temperatures have been increasing.  Increasing lake temperatures can cause water quality problems and have serious ecological consequences.  Check out this article for more information on how climate change is impacting lakes around the world.

Global trends in seasonal nighttime lake surface temperatures, 1985-2009. Yellow and orange symbols indicate lakes that warmed over this time period. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Originally pubished on


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