April LakeViz Charrette

On April 5th, the Lake Viz tabletop activity group solicited feedback and friendly criticisms from the rest of the Lake Viz team and other education/museum professionals.  As we progress in our grant, updates and feedback allow us to focus on the confluence of content and potential museum activities.  We invited representatives from the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Davis KeckCAVES, UC Davis TERC, Exploratorium, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, and the California Academy of Sciences.   The team presented our current work in progress on four clusters:  water, landforms and scientist tools, ecology care, and stewardship.  With these clusters, we presented prototype activities for seiche waves/thermoclines, LIDAR, topography, ecology, and lake pollutants using a variety of media/interactive types such as tablet interactives, working models, augmented reality, games, an interactive sand box, and of course, 3D visualizations.

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