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Earth Exploration Toolbook

Developed by teams of scientists and educators, the Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) is a collection of online Earth system science activities. Each activity, or chapter, introduces one or more scientific data sets and analysis tools that enables users to explore some aspect of the Earth system. Within the context of a case study, each chapter guides users through a step-by-step process in which they access data and use analysis tools to explore real issues and questions in Earth system science. In the course of completing a chapter, users produce and analyze maps, graphs, images, or other data products. The ultimate goal of each activity is to build users’ skills and confidence so they can use data to conduct their own investigations of the Earth system. http://serc.carleton.edu/eet/index.html

Teaching with Visualizations:


Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations: Using Images, Animations, and Models Effectively:


Case studies have shown that interactive 3D solutions add significant value to education and training:

  • 86% of students in the 3D classroom improved their test results. (1)
  • Attention levels doubled (92% vs 46%). (1)
  • Test scores increased with 35%. (2)



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